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We live in beautiful Herefordshire on a 2 acre plot having lived in France for almost 7 years between 2006 and 2012. We live in Herefordshire with our 9 dogs. We have been involved with Leonbergers for a few years since we got our first Leo in March 2002. It was a big decision but having spent 4 months researching the breed we knew the Leonberger was right for us.

We first discovered Leo's when a customer of our tee shirt business asked us if we could provide a Leo design. At the time we had not heard of the breed but having sourced the design we couldn't help but be attracted to this magnificent dog. At the time we were already considering adding another dog to our family and had considered German Shepherds, Newfoundlands and other large breeds but had not come to any conclusion

We promised ourselves that we would see the Leonberger in the fur before making any decisions. This we did at a dog show a short time later, and as it happened the person who introduced us to her Leo was a breeder (Helene Wear - Helkenna Leonbergers) with a litter on the way. We put our name down that evening and some months later we bought home "Bear"

A year later Helene called us to let us know she was mating here bitch again and would we be interested in a new addition. We said we would and added "Mac", a half brother to Bear who came home mid March 2003.

In March 2004, Barney our adopted boy came to us. He was a result of re-homing him from his original owners. Barney came to us at 17 months old and as it turns out he is a cousin on Bear and Mac's mother side.

Since that time we have added Nanna (Bears daughter) and Dilly our two girls. We hope to breed one day and Nanna and Dilly will we hope form the foundation to our breeding program

In March 2005 we added Dana to the Arcanine Pride but alas, she had some problems and died at 5 months old. We were heart broken to say the least. Still, in April 2006 we bought home Grissom, Jodokus Lowe von Walhall, a lovely little lad and a welcome addition to our group. Since then Murphy (Heliodor Bojangles) has joined us as another rescue and he is doing well.

Our latest additions are Jantonely Go On My Son from Arcanine (Myson) and Arcanine Alpheus or Alfie to his friends. Most recently we added Arcanine Gyllipus (Phoebe) Both males and our young lady are the best of friends.

As any Leo owner will tell you, Leonbergers are very addictive and one is never enough. The thought of a grouping or "pride" of Leos fills us with excitement and love for the breed. We're planning more Leos in the future to include boys and girls and no doubt a breeding plan

We are totally in love with the Leonberger and I can't start to explain the relationship we have with them. They are the most fantastic dog you could have, but at the same time there not for everyone.....We have non leos as well

We hope you enjoy our site, please sign our guestbook, and if you have any questions please feel free to send us an email..

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