10 Reasons NOT to buy a Leonberger

Although we love our Leo's passionately we understand that they are not for everyone, as this site promotes all the great things about our dogs there is the other side, the down side which any prospective Leo owner should know.

So here goes

  1. 1.They are very big POWERFUL dogs, I am 18 stone and will struggle to hold a full grown determined male (weaklings beware!)

  1. 2.Hair with everything - food, clothes, friends, house, yard, car, everywhere!

  1. 3.They can be very dominant if allowed to be and will own YOU!

  1. 4.They are not the easiest dog to train although can be trained well and do well in obedience

  1. 5.Each Leo will cost you around £1000 per year or £20 per week to own (running expenses, food, vets, shots each year etc) plus the initial buying cost of £800 to £1000 plus stuff like leads, bowls, etc. If you are intending to show your Leo on a regular basis you can simply do another £1000 per dog per year in showing expenses (Total £2000 a year to own a Leo show dog, if you show them for 5 years that's £10,000 per dog) This is based on open shows costing around £20 per show including entry fee's, petrol, cup of tea etc and £50 for a champ show

  1. 6.Everything about owning a Leo costs more when compared to other breeds (insurance, food, drugs etc)

  1. 7.They will chew things, as most dogs do, generally up to a year old.

  1. 8.They love water, and will put their paws/face/ears in it and walk around the house, lay on the sofa as well as tip over the water bowl and lie in it. This is repeated as many time a day as possible.

  1. 9.They don't do well if left on their own for extended periods. If you work all day forget a Leo, they need company. If I leave my Leo (Bear) overnight with my wife and kids, he will pine until I return, he tends to worry about me.

  1. 10.Friends and family (especially the mother-in-law) tend to stop coming around so often (Not such a bad thing, you might say?) which suits us as we like dogs more than people anyway.

There are probably many other reasons not to have a Leo, so think carefully, we are happy to talk to any prospective owner and have you meet with our dogs, this can be in their home or better still yours! Only when yousee a Leo or 2 laying around your floor will you start to understand life with a Leo. Life with a Leo can be more of a life style than a pet, do your research, meet the dogs.

Don't let all this put you off completely, as I say we love our Leos madly, but its a way of life more than a "pet", I for one would have a house full of Leo's (Hang on...I have got a house full of Leos)

PS... be warned, one is NEVER enough! (ha ha ha ha ha..(Vincent Price horror movie style) ha ha ha)

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